How to fix most Common Toner Cartridge Problems?

The most common Toner Cartridge failure is usually due to problem with the drum unit. There are several issues that can occur your ability to print, but the good thing is they can all be easily is fixed. First thing, you make sure that the printer is switched on, and that it is connected to your computer. If someone changed your settings, then you may have a problems. These are many of the issues with toner cartridge and drum units and also what tell the signs to look for on the printed page. Dubai Toner Refill high-quality generic toner cartridge should not show any of the defects, however often cheap and poorly made toners will display various defects due to poor manufacturing techniques.

Most Common Printer Cartridge Problems

Ink Cartridge Cannot be Recognized:

HP and other printers commonly get a Not Recognized error.  And receiving one of these messages can be most frustrating, ‘cartridge(s) not recognized’ error. The problem can occur for a number of reasons and the simplest solution is this Below:

  • Remove All cartridges from printer.
  • Turn the printer Off at the wall; leave off for at least 20 Minutes.
  • Turn the power back On at the wall.
  • Turn the Printer On and the firmly reinstall All inks.

Poor print quality, lines or blank page: 

Dubai Toner Refill only thing that will cause this is the print head being partially clogged. This is more common with HP and Epson Printers. If your printer cartridge is the cause of having these printing problems, try placing in another printer with a working toner cartridge. When it works on the other printer, the problem can be addressed to first printer.

Bad Images Color:

The main reason for this is either the Ink Cartridge has been installed without removing the Breather Tape at the top of the Toner Cartridge or else a partially blocked print head. Once you isolate the problems color or colors then you can also check that the tape has been fully removed or else proceed with a maintenance print head clean.

Ink Leaking from Cartridge:

This problem is commonly occurring because of the poorly designed compatible Toner cartridges. Often the ink will leak out into the printer and only detected when changing cartridges the next time they run out

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